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RDX Academy Platinum Course Details

From £1000 / 6 Hours / 1-2-1

Specific days, enquire through email or telephone to book your Platinum Experience with us.

The ultimate drift package, where we will take you from the basics and progress to clipping points and high-speed transitions. This is the most advanced package we offer to give you the practice and confidence for competitive drifting. You will spend half the day on the skid pan and after lunch you will instructed on the track.

Arrive for 8:45am for refreshments and a briefing for health and safety, a rundown of the day and a meet and great with your instructor and other drivers.
1st Exercise – Doughnuts and Figures of 8’s: Here you will be taught throttle and clutch control to get the car to perform a controlled doughnut. After this has been mastered we will teach you a Transition (change of direction whilst drifting) into a controlled figure of 8 around 2 cones.
2nd Exercise – Right and Left Hand Single Corner: Here you will learn how to initiate a drift into a single right hand corner then a left hand corner and drift round and out of the corner.
3rd Exercise – Fast S Bend: Here we take what you have learnt from the previous exercise and crank up the speed to teach you a high speed transition (change of direction whilst maintaining drift) from a right hand corner to a left hand corner.
4th Exercise – Head out to the circuit with your instructor to learn how to drift the 3 different layouts on 3 Sisters Race Circuit: Here you will master transitions from corner to corner to link the track in a continuous drift, lap after lap.
5th Exercise – Simulated competition: The Ultimate test! Your instructor will instruct you where the ‘clipping points’ are on a track to simulate a competition environment, you will be judged on your line, style speed and angle on all of your runs and given a score out of 100 per run.

**We advise that this package is for persons who have joined us before as this experience truly is mentally and physically exhausting for someone who has never drifted before.** Remember you need to learn how to walk before you can run!

Terms & FAQs

  • Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.
  • A waiver must be signed on the day.
  • All equipment including helmets is provided.
  • Insurance coverage up to £10,000,000 included.
  • Long sleeves and trousers must be worn.

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Our instructors are all professional drifters who compete in the BDC and European competitions

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