Myself and my fiance matt have now completed quite a few drift experience days across the UK but RDX academy has got to be our NUMBER ONE vote for being relaxed, fun, professional, great value for money and most importantly coming out at the end feeling like you’ve actually progressed. Tessa and Brad were welcoming, enthusiastic and just lovely, down to earth souls, who made you feel at ease from the get go!
Tessa’s knowledge, patience and enthusiasm, gave me the confidence other drift experiences have failed to do. The atmosphere at the track (three sisters) was great. Whilst waiting for your turn, everyone at the side shared their experience of the day and more importantly everyone was smiling and excited to get out in the cars for their turn. The session flowed and felt continous of which again other places have failed to make you feel.
I would HIGHLY recommend the GOLD EXPERIENCE with rdx academy and I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Once you’ve had a go you’ll be hooked and wanting to book your next session without a dought !!

Thank you so so much Tessa for today 09.02.24 , you are an absolute legend, lovely soul and just the most amazing teacher. I hope to see you soon!

Tash and Matt

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